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Suzhou Hengxiang Import&Export Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of class I, II and III medical devices. It has passed 13485:2003 quality management system certification. Main production: Liquid bottle mouth patch, medical infusion patch, self-adhesive wound care patch, disposable treatment towel, disposable pad, disposable catheterization bag, medical cotton ball, general medical mask, medical cotton swab, medical absorbent gauze block, medical gauze bandage, disposable oral bag, disposable leather bag, disposable PE inspection gloves, disposable middle single, medical Iodophor cotton ball, medical alcohol cotton ball, medical paraffin cotton ball, disposable medical rubber inspection gloves, disposable hat, disposable surgery auxiliary material bag, disposable catheterization bag, disposable labor bag, disposable gynecology inspection bag, disposable umbilical care bag, disposable surgery bag, medical degreasing gauze pad, disposable hole towel, once Sexual use suture for drug change, disposable oxygen tube, disposable surgical film, medical gauze bag, medical cotton pad, disposable mask, hat, disposable protective clothing, medical protective mask, disposable sterile vaginal dilator, disposable medical hole towel, medical surgical mask, disposable sterile rubber surgical gloves, disposable bedspread Disposable oxygen tube, disposable stomach tube, disposable surgical clothes, medical absorbent gauze, non-woven products, etc.


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