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Face masks: will we all have to wear them in public?

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Currently, advice regarding whether or not we should be wearing face masks in the event that we do leave the house – during our weekly shopping trips, daily exercise, or (for keyworkers) while in the workplace – is somewhat conflicting.
While both the US and Italian governments have urged all citizens to wear face masks while out of the house, the UK government have yet to recommend doing the same. However, there's some speculation that this advice could change as the UK government begin considering how lockdown measures could be relaxed. And there was much discussion of face coverings, with Boris Johnson acknowledging their use in limiting spread post lockdown.
At this stage, we will have to wait until Thursday 7th May to find out exactly how the UK government envisage the relaxation of lockdown measures playing out, and whether this will include the advice that we should all be wearing face masks.
In the interim – and given the lack of clarity surrounding the issue – many of us are somewhat unsure as to whether we should be choosing to wear a mask, or not, in a bid to protect ourselves and our families. We evaluate the current evidence available, to help you make an informed decision about whether or not you should we wearing a face mask while out in public. 



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